How does it work?

Buy what you need from other companies and pay with your products or services

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Register and access your credit

Register your business in just 2 minutes. We shall review your financial data and in less than 24 hours you will get assigned your credit so you can begin to do business with other companies within TrocoBuy.


Start shopping

Buy everything you need from other companies in the system using your credit. You do not have to use cash or touch your liquid assets.

Flexible repayment

In TrocoBuy, being able to buy means having to sell. That is why when we assign your credit we shall also assign you a commitment to sell. In this way you will repay your credit by selling your products and services to the rest of the system’s users.

Join us in the TrocoBuy business network

TrocoBuy is a network for doing business between SMEs. You can publish your offers for the rest of users and, also, request quotes for everything you need.

Ask, reply, negotiate and explore all the possibilities offered by the mutual credit.

Give TrocoBuy as a gift

Use TrocoBuy to increase your sales to customers in cash.

Convince a potential client by sending them a card for them to pay part of their first purchase using TrocoBuy, recover a former client with a 100% TrocoBuy purchase or surprise a good customer with a little present.